Welcome to DHAIS PLC

DHAIS plc ("DHAIS") commenced trading as a freelance marketing company generating marketing leads for the hearing aid industry in June 2001.

It has now extended its lead generation operation to include mobility products such as stair lifts.

The Group trades as a retailer of hearing and mobility products via its subsidiary company Hearing Health & Mobility Ltd ("HHML").

Operating from offices in London, Cardiff and Kettering, DHAIS entered the retail health sector through acquisitions and now operates 14 Hearing and Mobility stores throughout the UK.

Alongside the strong retail business, DHAIS' marketing arm continues to expand by placing carefully targeted advertisements in national newspapers and selected other publications to generate sales leads from individuals interested in purchasing either a hearing aid, a mobility or health product or an electric bike.


The Company was incorporated and registered under the laws of England and Wales on 4 June 2001

DHAIS is the largest supplier of quality leads to independent hearing audiologists in the UK

Solar Panel Information Service


Solar Panel Information Service

Key Information

Securities in issue

Shareholders of DHAIS Plc

Mark Moss
A Kiddy
Paul Clover
Neil Copeland
Tim Evans
Shares In Public Hands



Investor Documents

Directors, Secretary & Advisors


Mark Moss Chairman
Paul Clover  Managing Director
Neil Copeland  Advertising Director
Amin Kiddy Finance Director
Andrew Williams Non Executive Director


Company Secretary

Paul Clover

Registered Office

61 Cowbridge Road East
CF11 9AE
Tel: 02920 666 888

Corporate Adviser 

Alfred Henry Corporate Finance Limited
5-7 Cranwood Street
London EC1V 9EE

Solicitors to the Company

Morgan Cole
Bradley Court,
Park Place
CF10 3DP


Share Registrars Limited
Craven House
West Street

Mr Mark Moss


  • In hearing aid business since 1967
  • Involved with flotation of Hidden Hearing Plc on London Stock Exchange in 1998
  • Sold to William Demant Holdings A/S of Denmark in 2000
  • Capitalisation of Hidden Hearing at time of sale £25m

Mr Paul Clover

Managing Director

  • Founding member of Copeland & Charrington Ltd, advertising agency established in 1978
  • Specialist direct response advertiser
  • 35 years experience
  • Founding member of DHAIS

Mr Neil Copeland

Advertising Director

  • Shareholder in and director of Copeland & Charrington Ltd
  • Main contact with publishers of national newspapers and magazines
  • 30 years experience
  • Founding member of DHAIS

Mr Amin Kiddy

Finance Director

  • Chartered accountant – Ex Deloitte
  • Private accountancy practice in 1985, sold firm in 1990
  • Previously owned and managed an engineering company in France and more recently a transport company in the UK (road tanking of milk, sugar, edible oils and fuel)
  • Director of various companies, experienced in mergers, acquisitions, disposals and reconstructions
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